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Apple Patents Clothes Crammed With Sensors: Good Or Bad?

Apple iWear concept

There is an immense trouble with working out things that have yet to be figured out: when, exactly, do our workout clothing become too worn and bad to wear it anymore? Apple knows that we cannot be squandering interminable minutes seeking those tears and holes in our pants and shirts, so it is just got a patent for method to let you instantly know when your clothes used the time they had.

New technology

This patent asserts sensor-equipped habiliments that may track how you utilize them, report that information back to the database at the central server and alarm you when your clothes has achieved its critical condition, telling you that it is time to purchase some recent, without doubts more expensive clothing. This up-to-date technology does not just cover clothes either.

Cupertino's asserting the same tech for running shoes, in addition. The footwear is also furnishes real-time feedback which compares your personal running style to the created profile to instantly keep your workouts optimal - helpful function, that probably hard to imagine like those iShoes which would make all people from Nike very glad. I am sure that Apple means to make the required garments fitted with built-in electronics, so you can read this really huge patent legalese describing the system that will make you purchasing them.

Joggers running

Bottom Line

And here comes the dangerous part. As the AT&T’s exercise apparel with built-in GPS tracking, new gear from Apple can have the same nasty trick inside of it. You can say that it is great, or you can say that it might endanger your privacy and safety. Those of you who choose the second answer probably want to wear Apple clothes and will not be tracked by GPS sensors inside of it. So be it! While this system has a lot of advantages, the price to have them may be too high.

So tell me what you think about this technological break-through in the comments!

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