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Can I stop a car music?

I live on a fairly busy street, so I always hear music. She bothers me a lot. I'm wondering if it's possible to block such players somehow. Is there any way to block all these frequencies? Thanks in advance for your reply. Any info would be appreciated. Leslie on St. Thomas

Hello Leslie!

Today, many people are inattentive, which can be annoying. However, you can't just block the MP3 players people are using now. With this, you can mute the music if it uses radio signs to hear.

Radio stations operate at low frequencies, which are known to everyone. Thus, to stop this nightmarish sound, you only need a low-frequency blocker that can stop all kinds of radio transmissions. If the jammer does not work correctly, then you can choose a special adjustable jammer with commonnesses adjusted to your requirements by those that operate on a particular radio station. Perhaps not all signals can be blocked, but even partial blocking will already bring results.

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