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All US Cars Will Have Black Boxes By 2015

Many US sport cars

The Senate Bill named Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act is claiming that starting from 2015 all new cars sold in the USA must have data recorders installed inside them. Those systems will work like black boxes in planes, allowing the Big Brother to not just track the location of your vehicle in real time using GPS tracking but also to eavesdrop what is going on in your car. Can you believe it?!

US authorities explain this bill by the fact that such black boxes will improve the effectiveness of emergency medical services in case of car crashes and other critical situations. They also claim that all data recorded by the system will be available to the limited number of people, including you, medical and other emergency services, and, of course, law enforcement agencies with the court warrants.

Disaster area with US cars tracked

The first thought about it might be that it is a nice idea and it will really make our life better and safer. But think about it: as long as there are many cases of US Circuit Courts violating the ruling of Supreme Court, will all those data recorded by the black box about the location of your car and conversations inside of it be safe from illegal usage? Personally I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Moreover, new NSA Spy Center will allow Big Brother to store all recorded data without any problems.


Frequencies in car black boxes

As far as it is still unknown what frequencies will be used in those US car black boxes for eavesdropping (because its real-time tracking function will be using GPS satellite navigation), you will need to use the most advanced signal jammer in order to block all frequency bands which might be used to eavesdrop your conversations in the vehicle. I guess that after reading this article your emotions are tense thus leave your thoughts on this matter in the comments below.

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