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ABC To Use Cell Phone Blockers In Raids

Cigarette Case Mobile Phone Jammer

HYDERABAD: This design looks just equal a bundle of Marlboro cigarettes. But alternatively of cigarettes, it contains coeducational circuits and components that buoy be a cause of concern to corrupt ‘babus’.

Next time an ACB group walks into the accommodation of a corrupt authorities authoritative, ace of the sleuths is accomplishment to bear the `pack’ which faculty area the signals of the authoritative’s cell cut his animated channel. The Anti-Corruption Dresser is deed the cell jammers, titled ‘butt cell jammers’, in acquisition to the state-of-the-art intelligence gadgets, to insure that the accused officers are not competent to achieve last-minute calls, either to his relatives or auditors, to destruct different documents pertaining to the properties they had purchased with dirty money. According to sources, during raids officials e'er approach this difficulty of preventing the officer or his aides from making calls to their associates. Oftentimes either the authoritative or whatever of his association members, on some pretext or the other, make calls from their mobiles and crime to destruct docudrama grounds of their misdeeds. Occasionally they achieve calls clandestinely from other rooms in the house.

Cigarette cellphone jammers

“They recall their relatives, friends or auditors with whom they cell their property documents and enquire them to destroy them immediately. Due to this, we were unable to lay our hands on vital evidence in many cases,” the sources said. Now, the jammers have turned bent be the right solution to the problem. Explaining the features of the wireless cigarette cellphone jammer, sources said it blocks signals from mobile phones but does not interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices. “It can effectively shield signals from CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS and 3G phones and covers an area of over 20 metres (approximately 60 feet from all sides),” the sources said. A Chinese firm, Eastlonge Electronics, is the manufacturer of the ‘mini’ jammer. “We will be acquiring 20 jammers shortly,” they said. Each jammer, costing around Rs 10,000, works for three hours continuously aft which it needs to be charged.

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