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A Short Review On Why Apple iPhone 5 Is Better Than iPhone 4

iPhone 5

Apple Inc. has released a new version of their famous iPhone, the iPhone 5. Yes, it’s the day to throw your iPhone 4 because it is no longer socially acceptable. Some people joke that it has a built-in Andriod-fans hiker. Anyway it’s much more up-to-date than iPhone 4 and its sales are just huge. Also this new iPhone 5 appears to be almost unjammable.

The surprise of new iPhone is in its wide connectivity, it is compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G LTE telecommunications generations. Many people are willing to buy it and even more have already bought it on the opening. So, we have prepared a slight review on iPhone 5 in comparison with the previous model.

  • Battery is more powerful.

Battery life is really longer. It lasts for 8 hours of 4G LTE browsing, 8 hours of 3G talking and surfing the internet, almost 10 hours of video and the same time of the Wi-Fi browsing. As for stand-by mode the phone will live for 225 hours. So the problem of recharging your iPhone is solved.

  • Brand new iPhone is 20% Lighter and 18% thinner than previous one. It is also taller.

Yes, that’s true. They claim it to be the world’s thinnest and lightest mobile phone. And it has additional row of icons due to enlarged screen size.

  • iPhone 5 will be really faster than the previous one.

A new feature of iPhone 5 is its 4G LTE connectivity. Although Samsung has already conquered the 4G connectable phone markets iPhone 5 will surely take its place. The LTE network provides data transfer speed up to 170 Mbit/s for mobile users. So the new phone will be amazingly fast.

  • Camera is faster and pictures are better than in an iPhone 4S.

iPhone5 Picture

The above picture is taken on iPhones camera and it was not processed anyhow. Low-light photos will be much better thanks to its new picture processing chip. And the image capture and focusing will be 40% faster and better.

  • Audio is processed better.

New iPhone will have three speakers, at the bottom, on front and back. That feature will improve the quality of the audio calls. And for the better music playback speakers will be producing a really richer sound. Also new concept of earphones is presented and they are called “EarPods”

So, these are 5 main features of a new mobile phone from Apple Inc. As always the new iPhone will be available only in two colors, they are white and black. It has much smaller connector and it is reversible, so you’ll not be able to plug it upside down. That may appear to be the biggest problem of a new Apple smartphone, because the users of previous versions will be forced to buy new accessories for the device. New synchronization chords and other wired accessories will require adapting pipes. Or, what is more likely if we speak about Apple – you’ll have to buy new accessories. And they will be as expensive as all the Apple products.

iPhone 5 4G

But for all those money Apple provides you with one of the best phones in the world. Also that company has the biggest and the best support team among all mobile phones manufacturers. Their gadget also supports GPS A-GPS and GNSS navigation. We all know what is GPS/GNSS navigation, but what about A-GPS? I’ll explain – it’s an advanced version of GPS, it combines GPS navigation with cell phone towers triangulation to achieve your coordinates.

So, as a conclusion we can sum all of the positive and negative features of iPhone 5.


  • Perfect battery power;
  • The best screen among the iPhones;
  • High photo quality;
  • Powerful earpods.


  • Closed platform;
  • Memory cards incompatibility;
  • Fixed battery.

Most reviews on iPhone 5 claim that new design is a positive feature, but I’ve stumbled upon lots of negative reviews on it. Lots of people think that replacement of glassy back panel with an aluminium one wasn’t a good idea, so I have not mentioned it.

And one of the features of an iPhone 5 – it is partially immune for simple GSM jamming, due to its 3G and 4G connectivity. It uses so wide frequencies band – from 850 to 2700 MHz, and it is almost impossible to jam it. So jamming devices users will be upset about the functionality of a new Apple’s gadget. Just a couple of days ago in order to totally block this phone you would have to use two jammers simultaneously: the 3G signal blocker and 4G LTE jammer. But now, all you need is our special iPhone 5 signal blocker!

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