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70% Of The Cellphone Networks Are Monitored By NSA's Auroragold

The NSA is now the leader in the world. The Auroragold project allows you to listen to many telephone conversations, which covers most of the networks worldwide.

Let's figure out what Auroragold is. This system uses weak points in cellular networks to access information whenever the situation requires it. The idea is quite simple so that everyone can be bugged.

The wiretapping process consists in intercepting electronic sheets that cellular operators send. When vital information is received, the NSA creates particular passages to track the lead further. Once the network is infected, the data is monitored continuously.

Cell phone providers protect essential documents but can't handle a modern system. The NSA takes all the information for its use at any time, regardless of the signal encryption line.

NSA is not the most popular supplier, entering into constant conflicts with other organizations. Such a conflict arose with fuel and lubricants due to the breach of confidential data.

NIST was also hacked by the NSA, resulting in critical data theft. As a result, everyone is actively trying to work on security systems. NIST is not happy with these results, as there are security risks. That is why several counter-offensive measures are being prepared that can play an essential role in protecting personal data in the future.

Now the NSA has captured more than 70% of the networks, which is constantly increasing. This company operates in many countries around the world.

NSAs try to break into networks and then exploit available vulnerabilities. The NSA also works with other organizations, which complicates the task. You can find mobile signal jammers in the jammer store to protect information.

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