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6 Most Common Smart Phone Users’ Security Mistakes

The advent of impeccably brilliant smart phones with numerous prolific apps has truly transformed our lives. Today your smart phone has become one terrific joint which offers thousands of incredible possibilities which could have not been even imagined just a decade ago. Although there are several vital functionalities which come really handy for personal and professional utilizations with a smart phone but the device demands some stupendous security measures which should never be overlooked. Earlier we wrote the guide: How to make all our wireless gadgets safe. Now let’s try to figure out the 6 most repeated mistakes which could put your highly sensitive smart phone data in a real hassle.

Keeping your device unlocked

Leaving your smart phone unlocked could be one of the biggest blunders to lose some highly critical information stored on the device. There are plenty of options available including PIN, Biometric lock, password security, swipe lock, pattern lock and more. The Jammer Store recommend to make use of a strong security lock as still it is the most paramount and effective safety measure which could be easily applied.

Missing on updating your apps

You require keeping your smart phone apps updated for having a stupendous security interface. Although there are several useful web portals which offer the most fresh apps versions but they might cause a security trouble as they are not recognized by the applications’ providers. You ought to download apps only from authorized web centers instead of any unrecognized platform. Your device might get attacked by different unethical hackers if you don’t give significance to updating schedules.


Overlooking BYOD policy

There are many esteemed organizations which allow professionals to use their own devices for different official bustles. The companies must come up strongly with their BYOD policies and allow executives to understand the presence of highly critical industrial data in their smart gadgets. There ought to be strict guidelines for never share and use any of the professional information outside a workplace with the third parties.

Responding to spam mails

Hackers always keep trying to figure out different new possibilities to attack on your highly sensitive and confidential data. Your smart gadget stores significantly critical information such as phone banking details, debit card PIN, credit card details and more. Replying an unreliable mail might put you in a big spot of bother as online attackers try to install malware to spy on your cardinal documents.

Sharing sensitive information on Social networking sites

BYOD policy must come up with a strong implementation for never sharing the official information on any Social media platform. Companies must also prohibit executives to communicate through Social sites as the information might go public and could cause a big hassle to an entire system.

Using public Wi- Fi

A public Wi-Fi connection might act a big hack to steal some highly confidential information from your smart phone. You ought to relay on your own internet data plans rather looking for any free external internet assistance.

You might be keeping a very close eye on the various critical safety aspects nevertheless try to avoid the mentioned 6 most common mistakes which are most prevalent in all over the world. Also you may to buy cell phone blockers which can jamm all radio frequencies.

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