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5G Network In South Korea

The development of communication system has slowly advanced from the initially slow network connectivity to fast network coverage. This development is triggered by the need for more reliable, efficient and congestion free networks that can carry vast amounts of data. Information and communication technology field is not idling; it is always in research and development programmes that ensure it is appropriately placed in the dynamic technological world. The Jammer-store company would like to share the news about 5G network. South Korea, an Asian giant in technological discoveries is up and running towards the introduction of the Fifth Generation networks that was envisaged globally to be a common communication technology beyond 2020.

The 5G network will be 1000 times faster than the currently used 4G network. This is an invention and an advancement that any country would like to be associated with. Seoul’s government has promised to support the project and will pump in U.S$ 1.5 billion to ensure that the programme is effectively carried out.
It is reported with such a network can download the entire movie within a second, indeed it sounds incredible to other countries that are struggling to link up their rural settings with 3G network. This technological advancement is expensive and will require the citizens, the corporate body and the government to upgrade their communication devices to accommodate this tantalizing data speed. It is no wonder that such amount of money will be spent by the government to ensure it succeeds and stays a head of America’s communication technology.

Benefits of 5G network

Many benefits will accrue from the development of 5G network, like it were when South Korea developed its 2G network in 1990s and eventually 3G in 2000 the nation’s economy is speculated to grow tremendously. The country is ranked number one worldwide on the percentage of internet users ahead of America at 82.7%; this percentage is predicted to reach its saturation very soon making South Korea a country where everybody can access and use internet.

The growing number of internet users and the increasing demand for more data carriage channels will make this upgrading an attraction to many investors interested in communication technology sector. LG and Samsung are a few of the companies that have registered willingness to take advantage of 5G network. Seoul’s government has planned to roll out the network starting 2017 and by 2020 there will be a full rollout. Is not yet know, will it possible to track the location with 5G networks.

The 5G network will be able to link up billions of connected devices; this is advancement from the current 4G which is about video. The probability of network outages will be lowered when 5G network is used making its coverage better. Good coverage has been linked to low power consumption, therefore, the battery consumption will be lower making energy expenditure reduce by a sizeable margin.

Bottom Line

Information and communication technology in South Korea is above the rest globally. Authentic news media like CNN and the Mirror have reported stress on America’s communication network due to increased use of appliances fitted with wearable technology. South Korea can therefore encourage its citizens to buy advanced electrical equipments that can be controlled from anywhere because with 5G no network failure is experienced. But you should keep in your mind, any mobile devices and networks can be hack, so we advice use the cell phone jamming devices to protect your personal data.

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