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10 Creepiest Apps Ever Created For iPhone And Facebook

iPhone app Girls Around Me

The modern market uses a variety of tools that allow you to track your location and get remote access to information. This can be a real problem for anyone. That is why you should familiarize yourself with the available software tools.

Girls around me

This is a popular app that uses data to find women nearby. The map will display thumbnail photos from the user's public profile on Facebook. At the same time, this application is designed to search for a soul mate and build relationships. The program is currently unavailable for use.


Quite a creepy app that uses public data to track users. It tracks the location of users by displaying them on a map. It also uses historical data that is stored in user accounts.

Background check

This application is used to search for information about a user in various social networks using smart algorithms. This program is able to work on a minimum set of data, obtaining the complete information about the user, up to checks in stores.


The application works with the help of a camera, allowing you to track users through images. The program is creepy enough as it allows strangers to get entrance to the individual information of others. This project is currently closed and unavailable for use.

Recognizr face recognition app


This project recognizes faces, after which it starts searching other social networks according to the template. Not the nicest app, but it's no longer available to people.

Crowded room

This program also works on the principle of fixing the location, allowing you to track people by interests. Some people may abuse the service.

Nearby Friends

Allows you to find nearby friends from social networks by geolocation. Uses data that is stored in open customer databases.

Breakup Notifier

A useful program that will help you find the person of interest on Facebook. Not the most pleasant application for some people.

Crush Notifier

Helps to find the person you like on social networks. It is enough to select it and send a message through the messenger. This program resembles classic dating sites.

Facebook app Waiting Room

Waiting room

This project works on similar principles. You can easily send an anonymous message to start a conversation with your crush.

There are a lot of such projects, but they all use confidential information for tracking, so they cannot be used with the best intentions. To protect your geodata, it is better to use special solutions. This will help reduce the risk of tracking.

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