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XMJ5 sattelite radio signal jammer, xm radio blocker

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Jammer Store is a leader in today's market for equipment designed to block various signals at radio frequencies. We always care about the quality of the products we sell. We are engaged in production, controlling all production processes. All our solutions are tailor-made for our customers. We offer only reliable and proven equipment and guarantee attention to all details. You can verify the quality by looking at the available range and checking the results of work on numerous tests.

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The XMJ5 satellite signal jammer from the Jammer Store company differs in high-quality indicators. It is used to block the XM-type satellite signal, completely blocking their frequencies. As a result, it stops XM devices in a room, car, or office. The satellite signal suppressor features a stylish design and high efficiency. It is usually used in vehicles. With an AC converter, you can use it anywhere.

The main features of the XMJ5 jammer:

- Radio blocking type XM

- Compact design dimensions

- Ease of use and installation

- There is an indicator

- Spare fuses included.

- The device is entirely safe to use


- The blocking frequency is 2320~2345MHz

- The voltage level in the network 200 mA and DC12V

- The resistance is 50 ohm

- Construction size 86 mm ×20 mm ×22 mm

- The equipment weight is 200 grams

- The operating temperature is between -10 and +60 degrees Celsius

- Output power is 7 dB

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