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Would I be able to jam the new GPS Block III satellites?

Hi people! Have you heard about the new Block III GPS satellites? I know that they would be improved and launched in a few years so can I jam their signal?

Hello Mika!

Yes, we are aware of the new upgrade that started at Colorado's test facility. This modification will increase the device's power, increasing the accuracy of tracking up to three feet. This applies to military and civilian satellites. Also, the device can be used on US frequencies and in other countries.

The first prototype is already at the base, and engineers and scientists have begun actively testing it. In total, it is planned to use 32 satellites but not to launch a prototype into space. The first model will already be tested soon.

GPS Block III satellites have a stronger signal, so you can easily tune GPS Block III satellite signals. This feature is relatively new, but you can already use it.

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