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Does WiFi make me even fatter?

Hello! I recently learned that McDonald's has set up free WiFi hotspots for restaurant patrons across the UK. I would like to understand, do the owners want everyone to become fat?

Hello Sofia!

The McDonald's network has decided to open free Internet access points in its restaurants. Now almost every visitor uses such services. People are attracted to free internet. At the same time, this approach also increases sales.

Of course, no one is trying to make you fat. Many people visit McDonald's and spend enough time there. That is why free Wi-Fi is needed to maintain the loyalty of visitors. The reason for weight gain may be that you can eat more during your visit than planned if you linger on the free internet.

If you use the Internet and eat simultaneously, you should take care of your figure a little. You should also use a WiFi jammer to limit some of the signals. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and not gain weight from fast food.

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