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What kind of GPS bands can be jammed?

Hi folks! I have made some research and discovered that there are few bands used by GPS systems. What bands among those satellite ones could be jammed?

Hello Daniel!

Yes, you are totally right about the GPS signal frequency bands, there are few of them indeed. If navigation satellites would use one frequency bands to operate then there would be total chaos in our navigational system :) But engineers have made few of them to separate different tracking purposes one from another and make them to work more stable and reliable.

To discover more details about all kinds of used GPS frequency bands for satellite navigation systems, read this article. Now you know that there are three main civilian GPS frequency bands and two for governmental or military usage. And GPS jammers you can purchase are capable of blocking the signals of the civilian frequencies and not the military ones.

Now you know what frequencies among GPS bands could be jammed and this knowledge would help you to select the jammer you need more precisely.

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