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What is the bandwidth of the communication jammer?

Hello! I've been interested in a long time. I understand that in the field, the jammer has a reasonably high throughput. How do we be in urban conditions? How well does the signal penetrate and block other signals?

Hey Tirel!

You are correct that the jammer works much better and more efficiently in the field. You will be able to get the maximum benefit when using such equipment. The device will work much more efficiently due to the increased throughput if there is a lot of open space. Some difficulties may arise if you plan to use the equipment in the city. Many different factors will affect the range and effectiveness of the signal.

For example, the signal is much different compared to conventional radio obstacles. Thus, the behavior of such a signal will be significantly different. Depending on the environment, the signal strength will be different each time. That is why the jammer's range differs regardless of the selected frequency range.

You should also pay attention to the used jammers. They can always differ depending on specific tasks. Try your test to check the functionality of the equipment.

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