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Can I ask about the safety of using StickNFind Bluetooth stickers?

Hello! I like these stickers. They are efficient and exciting. However, I don't understand how they work. What is their range of work? How to use them correctly? What is better to know in advance to avoid making a mistake with the purchase? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hello, Mike!

StickNFind Bluetooth is an exciting and helpful device that can be used for various tasks. With this simple device, you can be sure you will never lose your valuables. You can easily stick such a sticker on any item to avoid losing it. Jammer Store specialists have already studied the features of this device. Now we will also share our experience with you.

This device uses a Bluetooth connection to establish a relationship with the phone. At the same time, Bluetooth can be easily blocked due to various physical obstacles, which is why the working range of the stickers is relatively tiny. You also need to understand that the signal strength of each sticker may vary. The device will not always be within range, and the direction cannot continuously be tracked using regular Bluetooth. That is why searching for a sticker becomes a natural and somewhat tricky task.

It should also be understood that your phone may well be hacked if you use this connection method often. You can read more about hacking Bluetooth here. It is also recommended to turn off the device periodically. You can also use a Bluetooth jammer to protect your mobile phone from further hacking. I hope I was able to help you.

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