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Is it safe to use a Belkin WeMo light switch?

Hello! I wanted to install a new lighting system in my house. I decided to choose equipment that can be connected via Wi-Fi, but there are some doubts about security. Are there any consequences for using such devices?

Hi Harry!

WeMo products from Belkin are indeed in high demand among many buyers. These systems allow you to remotely control many devices and automate control using Wi-Fi in your home. Despite the increased popularity, you should pay attention to some security vulnerabilities in such systems. The WiFi network is highly vulnerable, as the wireless connection can be easily hacked.

If your system is hacked, the attacker gets complete control. It can even lead to house fires. Hacking wireless networks have been very popular with hackers in recent years. Jammer Store believes that security systems should be used to avoid this.

Depending on the frequencies at which the devices operate, you can use special Wi-Fi jammers. In this case, no outsider will be able to penetrate your system. However, you should be careful when connecting to a wireless network. All equipment requires careful study before selection and installation. Thanks for your question!

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