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Is it safe to use jetBlue Fly-Fi?

I recently heard that WiFi could be used on an airplane. I'm wondering how this technology affects the operation of the aircraft. Are there any problems? Maybe someone can steal my data if I connect to the network on board. I would like to have an answer to my question.

Hello Antoine!

To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with what types of wireless networks are considered dangerous. Typically, user security largely depends on the provider's policy, frequency range, radio waves, and other parameters used to provide network access. Of course, Fly-Fi is not the most secure technology for flying an aircraft. Of course, the probability of a disaster, in this case, is not the highest, but there are some other troubles that you should pay attention to first.

As a rule, limiting specific signals is not so easy. At the same time, wireless access points are pretty vulnerable. Such calls can be easily intercepted. There are even special programs for such purposes. A hacker can easily position himself at almost any distance by exploiting the vulnerabilities in your hardware.

You should not connect to suspicious networks if you store any secure data. Hacking such networks is relatively easy. For example, you can check vulnerabilities using a regular iPhone. To protect personal data while traveling on an airplane, you should use a particular signal blocker. This will optimize all your costs and protect your data. Thank you very much for your submission!

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