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What to do if there is not enough wireless network bandwidth?

Hello! Now I noticed the problem of insufficient wireless network bandwidth. Are there any solutions?

Hi, Max!

Indeed, the government does not consider this problem in any way. No more than 80% of the network bandwidth is available to ordinary citizens. However, it does not increase, which leads to overload. In the future, this will prevent you from watching live video streaming.

Of course, slow video loading is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, but insufficient bandwidth will not make it possible to get everything you need. In particular, this problem will affect critical infrastructure: police stations, educational courses, and medical facilities. Slow Internet can harm all modern infrastructure elements.

Imagine a doctor unable to monitor a patient's health status in real-time due to slow internet or someone else deciding to watch a heavy video at work. Now it is practically impossible to meet such needs, which will require a lot of time for data processing. This is indeed an actual situation that degrades the quality of everyone's work, regardless of the direction of activity.

This information is for general development. The lack of bandwidth is a negative phenomenon for everyone. Of course, you can easily protect your data and ensure the reliability of your work. For example, special wireless signal blockers operate within a specific range, protecting personal data. This is a good solution if the connection is needed for important things.

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