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What can be done if I think that my Android phone is infected?

Hi there guys! I need your help, recently I've installed Angry Birds Rio not from Google Play. I thought it would be cool to get an add free version for free, but I've spotted that somehow all the money from my account disappeared. What can you recommend me to do? Any help will be appreciated!

Hello, Ann!

As far as we understand your mobile phone is infected with Android.SendSMS trojan app, which you have downloaded and installed with the game. It is rather common way to spread those viruses and exploiting vulnerabilities of modern smartphones. The main goal of that malicious application is to send SMS to a short phone numbers. That's how all your money disappeared and a part of that sum went to the evildoers that created that virus.

We at Jammer-Store have some recovery recommendations for you. First of all try to check the permissions of that Angry Birds app you've installed. You've probably gave it an access to send SMS and dialing phone numbers. If it is so – withdraw them. Another step would be uninstalling an application. Also check Google Play for anti virus apps, there are lots of them there. Most of them are familiar with those Android viruses and Android.SendSMS in particular and will block it if it appears again.

Also, if you see that something is wrong with your smartphone – check all the permissions you've given to your appsrecently. If you will spot something suspicious there – uninstall that application.If you are afraid that it will steal your money again, simply get your SIM card out or use a cell phone signal blocker. We are sure that those simple recommendations will save you a lot of time, nerves and money. 

Thank you for your question, I hope I've managed to help.

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