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What frequencies are more often and easier to block?

Hello! There are a variety of frequency ranges that are easily blocked with a conventional jammer. I would like to know about the most popular devices.

Hi, Patrick!

If you want more information about the possibility of jamming different frequencies, then you should read the relevant publications on our blog. All information is presented in two parts. Also, separately, these frequencies were used only at the beginning. Modern devices can operate in several frequencies ranges at once, making them more functional and easier to use.

GSM signal jammers are among the most popular. GPS jammers, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are also often used. There are jammers of radio signals and UHF with VHF. If the device jams only one frequency, it is not universal and accessible to everyone. There are more unique and versatile models that you can use freely at any time.

Multi-frequency jammers are equipped with a relatively wide operating frequency range, are easy to set up, and have universal properties. This allows the user to choose the optimal range for blocking signals in various combinations and solutions.

As you can see, you can choose any option from the available ones. Good luck with your choice! You can always contact us for advice.

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