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What are the most frequently jammed frequencies?

Hi guys! There are a lot of different frequency bands that could be jammed so I want to know about the most popular ones and their various combinations.

Hi Patrick!

If you want to get more detailed information on every signal band that is jammed by signal jammers, read articles about jammed frequencies (part one and part two). But those frequencies were jammed separately only at the beginning of the jammers' usage, and nowadays they have been developed so well that as a rule they jam few frequency bands at once.

The most popular combinations among jammed frequencies are 3G/GSM jammersGSM/GPS jammersWiFi/Bluetooth jammersUHF/VHF jammers and LoJack/4G/XM Radio jammers. The rest of them often jam only one frequency band, even if it is not very wide. Yet there are some unique models for you to be able to take part in creation of the jammer you need.

The model of the desktop jammer that has five antennas and extremely wide spectrum of frequencies which you can pre-select to be jammed by your jammer is called multifrequency jammer. It allows you to block chosen frequency bands all at once or separately, and even in any combination you like them to be jammed.

As you can see, modern jamming industry can satisfy any customer's needs, and it is really great! :)

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