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How do I block the Verizon Diagnostic Kit from working? Are there any options?

Hello! I'd like to install a Verizon device to work in my car, but I'm concerned about security requirements. I'm wondering if this equipment can be used to track my location. Can my vehicle be stolen? Thank you very much for your answer in advance!

Hello Mike!

It is good that you have decided to check that before installation. Verizon has lots of privacy issues, and that particular device can be in some way dangerous. As you know, it is used for vehicle monitoring, data aggregation, and remote start. Also, it contains a GPS module, so it is able to monitor the vehicle's speed and work as a geofencing device. That will device will be really convenient if you are to install it in your kid's car.

Modern smartphones are really vulnerable equipment that has many disadvantages. You can easily use smartphones to control the app. At the same time, data from the car can be vulnerable, which will lead to many troubles. The problem often lies in the fact that attackers use the most vulnerable frequencies of your devices to hack.

To block this, it is best to use a special wireless jammer. In this case, your gadgets will be much more difficult to hack remotely. Also, the device can be used to protect a mobile phone and ensure the safety of personal data that is used in the car. 

Thanks for your question. I hope I've managed to help!

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