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Vehicle jamming

Hello, I have a question regarding jamming telematics on my company van I recently got a new work van & was told it has telematics to monitor speed, breaking & other driving habits start stop times ect of the user What I want to know is if I block the system how does it appear if it's being monitored ? Is the location always accurate ? I work around London & wondered if being in built up areas would have any impact on them seeing me without jamming Im looking to buy the alligator jamming device ? Good idea or not ?

Hello, Dan

Thanks for your question. Regarding this issue we have few tips for you. Sure if you would like to jam the tracking system it will be monitored by your company. The signal will be disappearing. But such cases are frequent and the cause of this might be a bad satellite's signal, etc. So you can jam your van tracking system and don`t worry about it. Here is the article with more details about it.

The Alligator jammer can jam your tracking system but we recommend to buy Monstro 10 It is more powerful.

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