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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in United Kingdom

Desk phones have been used for various business purposes. They have become increasingly popular every year, so now it is difficult to imagine life without a phone. The UK is no exception either. Different frequencies are used worldwide, but not all are available in Britain.

Mobile operators

There are four operators in the UK using GSM and 3G frequencies for additional service:

- O2 operates at 2.1 GHz

- T-Mobile operates on 2.1 GHz

- Vodafone also operates on 2.1 GHz frequencies

- Orange uses the same standards as described above

Other telecom companies operating in Britain that provide customer service:

- Cable & Wireless - this company operates in Jersey, Guernsey, and Maine, providing mobile communications

- Manx Telecom - the company provides services in the state of Maine

- Hutchison 3G Limited operates in almost all of Britain.

Also, all companies serve different communication frequencies, among which the following options are distinguished.


Available in many European countries. It operates at frequencies within 900 MHz. This network operates at a distance of up to 35 kilometers, which benefits many settlements in the country.


This range already operates up to 1.8 GHz, being the base one. It is available in almost all regions of the country, providing access to signals. The interval of this range is 95 MHz.

2100 MHz

This frequency is the most popular among new-generation mobile operators. The result is a quality input signal that has a high bandwidth. In this case, the radius of influence is only 8 kilometers.


This range has been operating relatively recently, providing high-quality customer service. Modern technologies are used for Internet access and communication. Here the contents within 800-2600 MHz are used. This network does not lose its popularity.

Jammers in Britain

Internal silencers are installed in the office, server room, and meeting room - in the room where confidential information is processed. A typical place of installation is under the suspended ceiling, the lower part of the tabletop. Are they turned on remotely using a key fob, a separately displayed button, or a timer? The room limits the radius of action. The devices help to suppress the signal during negotiations, meetings of high-ranking guests, and an attack on the premises.

External mufflers are installed on the roof of the building. The jammer is placed in a shallow switching cabinet if it has a separate antenna. Due to the high power, the device creates a protective radio dome around the building and suppresses signals indoors and at some distance from the building. The latter protects him from spy drones, a quadcopter. Once in the field of action of the jammer, the devices lose contact with the operator and, depending on the model, fall, lose orientation, land on the nearest surface, or return to the take-off point.

Bottom Line

There are four leading operators in the UK. There are also regional operators. They operate on many frequencies. Many of them use modern technological solutions to ensure signal quality.

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