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UHF VHF Jammers

UV30 CCTV cameras, UHF, RFID, VHF Jammer
UV30 is a modern UHF and VHF signal jammer actively used in various fields to block interference at low frequencies. It can prevent many threats. For example, this equipment blocks CCTV cameras and RFID devices and protects against tracking using NFC technology, which is built into many types of mod..
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HPJ20-H - All frequencies desktop jammer (20 bands)
The HPJ20-H is a jammer that operates over a wide frequency range from 130 to 5900 MHz. This functional silencer allows you to turn off all signals in the available field.The impact radius is at least 20 meters. This setting can be adjusted to suit individual needs. You can select the optimum f..
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UHF and VHF stand for low frequencies from 140 to 480 MHz. They are used by a large number of different modern electronic devices. Many people worldwide do not even know that they use such solutions almost daily.

For example, such frequencies are used in special safety radios. Also, similar frequencies are used for two-way radio communication systems. These signals are the main ones for the operation of low-frequency radio communications. It is necessary to use special desktop UHF and VHF silencers to jam such frequencies.

Living in large metropolitan areas, you may have noticed CCTV cameras on almost every corner. They are placed on pedestrian crossings, poles, and establishments. These cameras operate directly on UHF and VHF radio frequencies. If such cameras violate personal space, you can use silencers to reduce the signal. This will ensure your personal safety.

Also, low frequencies are actively used in RFID chips. Such electronic devices have a fairly broad scope. For example, they are used to label products in supermarkets. Often, such chips can be found in the badges of employees of office enterprises. NFC technologies are also active at low frequencies. If your telephone does not support this technology, it is highly likely that it will not be able to be tracked. Many smart home systems also use these technologies to work, so the risks of tracking your location are high.

Such devices can also block other frequencies, so you need to use special devices to reduce the risks of such a situation. For this purpose, special LoJack/XM/4G Jammers are used, as well as other devices that prevent tracking by LoJack.

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