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TWJG-066 || GSM,CDMA Jammer 60M radius

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Jammer Store Company is a leader of the radio frequencies blocking equipment industry. The quality of all our products is the top priority for us because we are not just dealing those electronic devices but manufacture them. Our devices are meant to satisfy the needs of our customers in the most effective and reliable way and that is why we are constantly improving our products and services. To make sure that you will get effectively working quality product we perform many different tests with our devices.

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TWJG-066 is a silencer for analog and digital signals. It works at specific frequencies and can also jam various types of signals. Among the main features, attention should be paid to a reasonably wide range. This allows you to protect critical information in a comfortable environment. TWJG-066 allows you to get rid of interfering signals and ensure complete data confidentiality.

Silencer features:

The silencer signal does not interfere with the operation of medical equipment

Equipment protects against identity theft

The unit can be placed in any public building


Silencer blocks common frequencies 890-1880 MHz

Equipment blocks analog and digital signals of various types

Range up to 60 meters

Uses built-in antenna

The signal source is a phase-locked loop

A switching adapter is used for the power supply

Equipment dimensions are 280 x 200 x 80 mm

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