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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to mobile communications. The Swedish carriers provide access to all existing mobile communications generations, from 2G to the latest 4G. As you know the 2G is used for voice calls and text messaging.  Also GPRS internet access is also based on that second generation. Mobile phones in Sweden use GSM standard for voice calls, it uses European GSM frequencies 900/1800 MHz. 3G is also widely used and it is based on the HSPA+ standard and it can reach a maximum of 28 Mbit/s downlink speed. 3G coverage is pretty wide and it covers all highly populated areas of the country. 3G in Sweden uses 2100 MHz. Recently the 4G network was presented in Sweden and the major carriers have started developing it. Now Sweden mobile gadgets users may use the benefits of 4G, those who reside in the southern part of the country may be sure that they will have a decent reception.

Major mobile carriers are TELE2, Telenor Sverige AB and Telia Sonera. They all support GSM standard so all the GSM 900/1800 mobile phones will work there. TELE2 is a powerful international service provider that works in 11 countries so you may count on nice and pretty affordable service in the countries of that list even if you do not reside there. That carrier is really popular among tourists and business people for its universality. Another carrier is Telia Sonera and this is an international carrier too.

I may tell that if you need fast, reliable and affordable mobile internet in Sweden you will probably like Telenor. They have managed to create strong 2G/3G network all over the southern region of the country and implemented 4G support in the biggest cities. They support 4G LTE standard there which works with 875 MHz frequency. As I’ve already said the coverage is really great, and you can switch to 3G if 4G has a weak signal somewhere. 

As you can see from the coverage map the Telenor Company has covered the most populated part of Sweden with a decent 4G service. There are only a couple of regions where 4G is not available and they offer to use 3G mobile internet there. All major cities have 4G service with speeds up to 80 Mbit/s and that is quite impressive, so modern smartphones users will surely use the benefits of 4G network.

The mostly used frequencies for mobile communications in Sweden are 875, 2100, 900/1800 MHz. There are two global navigations systems are in use in Sweden. They are GPS and GLONASS and in the last couple of years Russian GLONASS becomes more and more popular in northern countries, because GLONASS satellites have higher orbits than GPS. That means that they have better reception in Polar Regions and in regions that are close to the pole. You should consider that GPS and GLONASS use different frequencies. GPS works with L1: 1575.42; L2: 1227.60; L5: 1176.45 MHz and GLONASS works with L1: 1602-1615; L2: 1246-1256 MHz so if you will need a tracking gadgets jammer in Sweden, you should choose the GPS/GLONASS signal blockerAll the GSM jamming devices, which support European frequencies 900/1800 MHz, will work there. Standard 3G and 4G zapping devices will be also compatible with Swedish mobile internet networks

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