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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Sweden

Sweden presents current mobile contact technologies. All recent epochs of cellular contacts are shown here - from 2G to 4G. As a rule, 2G is used to mail news and rings. There is the entrance to the Internet using the GPRS in the new epoch. Portable phones in Sweden use modern GSM standards for vote messages and calls on the 900-1800 MHz commonness. The 3G prototype is also operated. The speed of the mobile network reaches 28 Mbps in one second. 3G signal coverage is available in almost all country settlements, making it possible to achieve high-quality customer service. Also, the 4G web is being energetically executed and developed in territories. Now mobile devices can enjoy all the available benefits of the next-generation network.

Among the leading mobile operators in the country are TELE2, Telenor Sverige AB, and Telia Sonera. They all work to similar standards, providing quality services to customers. TELE2 is an influential operator of portable assistance in the multinational market, providing high-quality service. The provider is especially popular with tourists due to its universal properties. Telia Sonera is also a global company.

Telenor is the largest operator in Sweden and supplies high-quality services with a robust nationwide network. The range is of increased rate and optimum signal speed for smartphones.

Telenor is a leader in coverage, providing services throughout the country. There is coverage in almost all regions of the country, along with the Internet and contacts. All modern phones can take advantage of these benefits.

The country's most commonly used communication standards are 875-2100 MHz. There are also international navigation systems that provide navigation around the country. You can select a GPS and GLONASS jammer to protect your privacy if necessary.

When using jammers?

A jammer is necessary if:

  • People come to the negotiations who are unfit to be searched or who do not allow themselves to be searched for radio-transmitting devices;
  • People come to the meeting with mobile phones configured to transmit information. The owner may not know about it. For example, a Trojan program penetrated the device. It is activated and broadcasts information through cellular networks or the Internet at a particular moment. When the jammer is turned on, the program cannot transmit anything. Another plus - mobile phones will not ring and distract during the meeting;
  • There are fixed bugs in the room, or a transmitting device is working in the next room. With the help of a jammer, you can block any spy radio device, even without knowing its type and characteristics. Just turn on the device when you are on the spot, and nothing will get on the radio;
  • There are magnetic bugs in cars and bookmarks that you don't know about. Activate the suppressor of radio signals - and the vehicle will not be tapped or tracked by GPS.

In Sweden, all modern types of GSM jammers operate at European frequencies. They also perform with Swedish mobile companies.

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