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Some problems with my boss and tracking system

Hi, I have found out that my boss is tracking the car I am using, I don't like that, I do a good job and been doing for 12 years, and I do not need a leash if you understand what I am saying, I wouldn't mind being tracked IF my boss had told me about it, but they didn't, so , time to use the right to practice Countermeasure tactics ???? I don't want to try to disconnect the device, I don't even want to touch the GPS tracker device , I found the device used for tracking by mistake and it is a device called TrackMate and looks like a power-cable and 2 other cables connected to the device , one cable says GPS and the other cable says GSM so I guess the GPS cable receives the GPS signal and the GSM cable transmits the revived GPS data,, what GPS/GSM jammer in your arsenal would JAM that device GOOD I wouldn't mind a device that could JAM even WiFi and most CellPhone signals

Hello, problems like yours are often. The bosses want to know everything and yours boss we can understand also. But if you don`t want to be tracked we have many jammers to help you. Please refer to Titan jammer. It can block GSM GPS and many others frequencies. When you turn on this gadget all satellites and cell phone frequencies will be deactivated and yours boss won't control you.

Hope we help you!

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