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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Russian Federation

In Russia, the second generation of cellular communications is trendy. It is represented in most regions of the country. This generation operates at frequencies of 900-1800 MHz. These standards are used for messages, calls, and Internet access. Also, in many regions of the country, 3G and 4G standards work, as you can see. Among the primary mobile providers are the following companies: Megafon, MTS, Beeline, VimpelCom, and Tele2. They cover most of the territory, and MTS operates throughout the country.

The GSM standard is considered the most common. This is because all phones support these frequencies. The same operating frequencies are used to provide uninterrupted access to the Internet. Below you can see the schedule of mobile communications in Russia.

Third-generation mobile communication is gaining popularity in many regions of the country, operating at a frequency of 2000 MHz. The information transfer rate reaches up to 14 Mbit per second. This provides high-speed access anywhere.


All modern mobile operators in the country serve customers with a high quality of service. For networks, 1935-2170 MHz frequencies are used, but these signals are provided only in largely populated cities.


The 4G network is also represented in Russia. At the moment, Megafon and MTS are actively developing these technologies using modern equipment. The fourth generation is actively developing in the largest cities, providing high-speed Internet.


(4G Coverage World Map)

Here are the most popular mobile operators in Russia. They are also actively working with the GLONASS navigation system, which replaces the classic GPS, which is common in many regions.


(GLONASS Satellite Constellation Description)

If you are traveling, then you can use these mobile operators when traveling to Russia. You can buy a SIM card from an official operator.

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