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NSA has admitted that it was tracking people via their cell phones, how to hide?

Hi there, I've heard that such tracking is possible, but I don't really understand how it is done, also I'd like to know if NSA has the necessary resources to track people in that way. If all about that is truth – I'll need to know a couple of advices on how to hide from such a tracking. If the government is trying to break my right for privacy, I'll protect my rights myself. Many thanks in advance!

Hello, Mike!

The scandals around NSA have really shocked not only US citizens, but the whole world too. You probably know, that recently NSA has admitted that it was spying on people over the Internet. And we were sure that that's not the only sphere where NSA was spying. They've targeted the mobile communications because of two reasons. First of mobile phones are really widely spread. Everyone has one. And the second reason is that modern smartphones are vulnerable and really hackable.

It is really easy to install hidden backdoors in every cell phone that is coming to US, especially having such a power that NSA has. Another feature, that is really useful for tracking people, when it comes to mobile phones are cellular networks themselves, positions of base stations are fixed, which makes it easy to locate any phone inside mobile network, that's why cell phone tower triangulation works.

If you read the news, you probably know that it became public that NSA can get an access to any smartphone, not only inside the United States. That's why we recommend to avoid smartphones for a while. It is much harder to hack an old phone. Also, it will be wise to get a universal signal blocker, that will hide you from any kind of tracking. Your privacy is worth it.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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