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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Netherlands

The Netherlands actively uses modern communications. Many providers use the GSM and UTMS standards, which provide a wide choice for everyone. All frequencies allow you to process calls, send messages and perform other actions. As a rule, the UTMS frequency is intended to access the third-generation Internet. 4th generation communication at higher frequencies is also available. Many providers offer a wide range of services. Below are the most popular customer service options.


KPN is the largest company operating in the country. It provides a wide range of services, provides full support to subscribers. Other communication providers are also represented here. The company works at different frequencies, providing fast data processing.

T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile is the largest company that provides a wide range of telecommunications services. The company processes signals at different frequencies. The network is regularly upgraded and improved for ease of data processing. The volume of regular users and many other performance indicators are also increasing.

Voice traffic on networks of different countries


Vodafone Netherlands

Vodafone in the Netherlands is one of the largest companies that offer a wide range of services for every customer. Various telecommunication frequencies are represented here. The company also uses numerous services that improve the quality of service for customers.

What are jammers in the Netherlands: primary advantages and disadvantages

Silencers are stationary and portable. The latter is similar to walkie-talkies or routers or can be disguised as household items (a pack of cigarettes, a wallet). Power is supplied from the built-in battery, enough to operate from a couple of hours to several days. The range of the GSM jammer is from several meters to tens of meters. The possibilities depend entirely on the model and purpose of the signal jammer.

Mobile communication jammers have the following advantages:

  • functionality justifies its purpose;
  • the primary function is well performed - until the battery is discharged;
  • dimensions and weight are small;
  • model diversity is impressive.

At the same time, the GSM signal jammer has some disadvantages:

  • due to the different frequencies of telephone communication, there is a possibility that there will be no complete suppression of signals;
  • short operating time of the built-in batteries of portable mobile communication jammers.

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Bottom Line

The telecommunications network is actively developing in the Netherlands. Modern providers offer the latest technologies that meet European quality standards.

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