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Need to block hidden Bluetooth ear buds!

Hi there! I'm a teacher and I run special courses for various people. I need to block those new hidden Bluetooth ear buds, that they frequently use to cheat on tests. I need a device that will block just 2.4 GHz frequency, mobile communications should work. I'll be very grateful, if you will be able to help.

Hello, Mike!

Cheating on important exams can be a real problem, so we're here to help. It is essential to understand that many devices do not work without smartphones, and not everyone can go for such a deception. Before choosing radical methods, you should talk to people and explain the harm of using wireless headphones. The 2.4 GHz frequency can be very dangerous.

If this approach doesn't work, you can use this portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth jammer. This is the perfect instrument for your needs. It is a mobile device that can be easily carried around. The radius of its influence reaches 15 meters. The main problem may be connection difficulties due to using the same frequencies.

In our catalog, you will find multifunctional jammers that block GSM signals. We at the Jammer Store recommend proven equipment that works up to two hours offline. This is enough for the exam. Also, remember to turn off the other switches, so you don't affect other equipment in the radius.

Thanks for your question! We hope that we have helped you.

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