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How to get data about DES SIM cards and find out about vulnerabilities?

Hello! I recently received information about SIM cards being vulnerable to hacking. They practically do not encrypt user data. More than a quarter of all cards worldwide have such vulnerabilities. I would like to understand if there is any way to protect your data and money in a personal storage account.

Jammer Store specialists are actively studying this issue. We are ready to share all known information at the moment. The head of Security Research Labs provided information that SIM card vulnerabilities were identified due to insufficiently secure communication encryption. The DES standard is outdated, so it does not provide sufficient data protection. This security program can be easily hacked from the outside by those who understand this issue.

Also, this DES code can easily send harmful software to your phones. After that, access to all personal data related to many users' accounts is opened. The entire operation can take only a few minutes. Also, remember that you can easily access your location by triangulating the communication tower.

This exploit is quite dangerous, which should be taken into account. The problem still hasn't been resolved. Active work is underway to identify possible vulnerabilities. Although the error has not been fixed, a particular communication jammer can be used to protect mobile phone data. More radical solutions are planned soon. Thanks for your question!

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