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Need help to stop unknown camera type

I have a difficult neighbour, for 2 years he placed 2 video cameras on his Doors and looking on mine on a distance of aproximativ. 7.5 mettres. The distance between 2 cameras is aprox. 5 m. They are placed on a wall in an artificial light lobby. They are always red light inside which shows they work. There are no cables connected or at least they can not be seen. I definitely want to get rid of His cameras. he also has cameras in the peepholes. He îs a tramp. Please help to stop these cameras working. i was looking at jammers but I have Wi-fi networking in my house and I am afraid not to be stoper my networking as well. The authorities did not did nothing. What Can I do? Maybe there îs a spray paint to spray on them? Any advicenwould be very appreciated. Thank You!

Hi, Miruna. You really lucked out with neighbors. If the cameras working with Wi-Fi connection you sure can jamm it with WiFi blockers. Ussually they work`s in 2,4 frequencie. But you are right, it can stop your WiFi connection. You can place it as close as possible to cameras. In 15 meters range WiFi signal will not work. Here you should decide, what is important for you: the neighbour spying or the WiFi network. Perhaps you may just speak about this cameras with your neighbour?

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