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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Mexico

Mexico is a country that is actively developing its mobile network, providing a high-quality service to its customers. In recent years, the cost of services has also been actively reduced, which attracts the attention of an increasing number of new customers. Development is constantly happening due to increased awareness in the country. At the same time, due to some geographical features, difficulties arise with standard provision, which significantly reduces the quality of coverage.

In Mexico, communication is actively developing on those frequencies that are popular in European countries. Communication coverage is quite extensive. It is constantly growing and developing, opening up many customer opportunities.

As a rule, phones from other countries also work in Mexico. You should check the rather high prices of services in roaming. It is best to use local SIM cards and services, which will significantly reduce the cost of paying for mobile communications.

Popular mobile operators in Mexico

Several large providers operate in Mexico. These include TelCel, Movistar and Iusacell. Each option has its own features and benefits. TelCel is the main service provider as it provides coverage throughout the country. The scope of the other two operators is much lower, so they are less popular among users.

In the territory of Mexico, the 3G generation network is also actively developing, which opens up opportunities for using mobile Internet. Provider Iusacell provides many modern technological solutions. TelCel also launches a 4G mobile network, which opens up vast opportunities for everyone to use the mobile Internet.

Each operator uses modern communication technologies, which have many advantages compared to analogs. TelCel gives good voice communications to its customers. The company is also actively developing other technological solutions, using available opportunities.

Provider Iusacell offers more modest service options. This is due to the relatively small network coverage. At the same time, 3G technology is available which is being actively developed and implemented.

Movistar is one of many developed providers. It only offers its services in larger cities. If you plan to travel to small towns, then the coverage deteriorates. At the same time, the provider uses new modern 4G and 3G technologies to provide mobile communications.

The best jammers in Mexico: how to choose?

Radio jamming devices can be used in business meetings, theaters, and other places where silence is required. In large cities, administrations of cultural institutions often use simple blockers. If a person forgets to turn off the mobile phone at an important event, then the GSM telephone jammer will not allow him to use the device.

Devices that allow signal jamming is also used to prevent wiretapping, which is carried out using GSM bugs.

The ranges in which the cellular jammer operates:

  • 925 to 960 MHz in GSM 900;
  • from 1805 to 1880 MHz in the GSM 1800 band;
  • from 2110 to 2170 MHz in the 3G band;
  • from 2570 to 2690 MHz when operating in the 4G WIMAX band;
  • from 791 to 820 MHz in the 4G Lite band;
  • from 850 to 894 MHz in the CDMA band, but since 2010 this band has not been used by domestic operators;
  • the device operates from 1900 to 1930 MHz; this standard is not used in Mexico.

Some jammers block WiFi, Bluetooth, and many other signals. That is why it is so important to study the characteristics of the equipment carefully. The operating efficiency is directly affected by the operating range, frequencies, and many other factors. You can get acquainted with a wide range of equipment in the Jammer Store online store that fully meets all the tasks. Choose only proven and high-quality equipment that is worth the money spent.

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