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How to jam drive cam

I have read your comment on jamming the Drive Cam but am unsure if it applies to the system in our vehicles. I ask because the company said it would be used for coaching but it has become a disciplinary device for all the wrong reasons. Our drive cams have forward and intereior cameras. If the camera is set off it keeps the event in memory. When we return to our depot the camera flashes and send the event data somewhere. WE also have a Ranger that tells us our locations and the order of pick up drop offs etc and also a 2 way radio to contact dispatch. I do not know if these devices are interconnected or if the drive cam stands alone. My question: If a person can stop the data from leaving the cehicle would there be any signs of tampering showing> If there are no events does the drive cam make any report or does it just go to sleep until an event occures? I ask this because it would be dangerous if the jammer stops a regular transmission when returning to the depot evn if there is no events. does the Jammer need to be on at all time or does one just turn it on before getting to the area where the events are downloaded. Is there anyway to tell if a jammer has been used by the company? This is the gps/schedule of stops called a Ranger: which is installed and may be the unit that transmits? I would really appreciate any info and how to operate a jammer in this situation to make sure the data is stopped but the recieving entity cannot tell if it has been jammed or if it just assumes there was no event? thanks very much. p.s. Can a strong earth magnet held to the drive cam before transmission screw up the data stored and stop transmission?

Hi there, corporatehater!

First of all - we are sorry for the delay with an answer! You should understand that you Drive Cam, and the whole GPS tracking system may loose satellite signal due to many various reasons, and there is no way to tell, if that was your fault, or that is a simple technical issue. In a matter of fact, the backup battery installed in that system may die, and if you will park your vehicle – the signal will be lost too. 

Also, we can assure you that the two-way radio, that you use to communicate with a dispatch won't be jammed with a GSM, or GPS signal blocker. In order to block that radio, you will have to use a special jammer, that works with 433.3, 868 and 315 Mhz frequencies, which is quite hard to find. We understand your doubts about using the signal blocker, but you have to understand and always keep in mind the fact that any kind of RF jammer is like a weapon, and you should use it with the same caution and full understanding of the problem, like you may do with a weapon. It is not a toy. Another problem you should consider here, not any signal blocker will be able to block such a tracking. If you will use a simple GPS blocker – you may still be tracked with a cell phone tower triangulation and all the data gathered by Drive Cam will still be sent. 

I've consulted with our engineering team about your idea with an earth magnet, and they have advised not to do that. First of all that won't be really effective, and if you will accidental forget it near the device, the first service check will notice that. Second, as long as all the data is transferred with GSM or CDMA standard, which are almost immune to magnetic fields – that won't simply work. You may try it yourself, by keeping a magnet near your mobile phone during the conversation – there won't be any effect. That is why we recommend you to check that universal GSM/GPS and CDMA jamming device, it will keep all the data transmissions blocked for sure!

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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