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Is Verifon's Way2Ride application safe?

Hi there! I'm using Verifon's Way2Ride app on my Android smartphone and I'd like to know is it really safe, because I've heard that it is using NFC technology that is quite vulnerable. I'd like to be sure that my smartphone, my personal data and the money on my account will be safe from any kind of NFC bugs, exploits and possibly viruses. Many thanks in advance!

Now it is difficult to be utterly confident in security since all modern smartphones are subject to hacks and other negative impacts. Many factors can affect the results. Way2Ride is a handy device that makes paying for a taxi ride, bill, and pay tips easy.

Our company Jammer Store wants to emphasize that you have to pay a lot for security. The problem is that NFC technology is not the most reliable. You can read the vulnerability issues. First, you should ensure that you have Android Beam running, as it allows hackers to exploit the vulnerability.

Also, you should understand that all radio signals can be intercepted because they cannot be limited. You should use an NFC jamming device, but there may be some technical issues. The only possible option is to minimize the use of the NFC module.

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