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Is there a way to block or jam in-store satellite music systems?

I noticed you have six different types of jammers, but I am unsure of what frequency in store music systems use. I work in a place which constantly plays Top 40 music at high volumes and if could find a way to disable them and have silence it would make my work day a hundred times better!

Hello Martin!

We definitely know that sometimes loud music can ruin your day and we have a solution, that might fit your needs. As it comes form the name, that in-store music system receives signals form satellites via XM satellite radio channel. And it can be blocked. The whole system is pretty stable, but as long as it is the satellite signal, it has high frequency to be able to cross larger distances, and the penetration, the power of the signal is weak.

We at Jammer-Store have just one signal jammer, that is able to block signals from satellites. It is portable and has 15 meters (50 feet) of working range. Also it is rather small, so you will be able to hide it. That satellite XM radio blocker can be powered with a simple power grid too, so you will be able to protect yourself from the noise as long as you need.

It is really sad to see that year after year employers pay less and less attention to their employees needs. First they make you to work in really annoying environment and then, employers may start to spy on you! Check if there are cameras around your working place – you may be surprised. And we also recommend to cover your webcamera with something, it may be dangerous to your privacy.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help.

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