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Is there a jammer for a Spireon VP2500 tracker?

Hi there! I need a jammer for a Spireon VP2500 tracking device that uses CDMA technology. It transmits data to a google map using product called Vehicle path. What do you suggest? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hello, Sam!

We have an excellent answer to your problem. We are good at stopping GPS-based searchers. Your Spireon VP2500 is a relatively straightforward auto searcher, which obtains its coordinates from GPS and then sends them to a waitperson operating CDMA or GPRS methods. A promotion called Vehicle Path is an uncomplicated user interface. Also, that device is relatively small and can be inaugurated transparently. And that's the main reason many employers spy on their employees with the help of such devices.

It uses GPS frequencies (L1: 1575.42; L2: 1227.60; L5: 1176.45 MHz) for navigation a simple GPS jamming device will be able to block its ability to track you. But such a device may not be so helpful under some circumstances. It would be best if you understood that Spireon VP2500 could be boosted with various sensors, such as accelerometers, fuel sensors, and many others. If you use a simple GPS signal blocker, the data from those detectors will still be mailed to the servers.

So, if you are sure your particular tracker uses CDMA technology, you will be forced to block CDMA (450/850 MHz) frequencies together with GPS jamming. In that case, no data will be transmitted and your location will remain hidden until you turn that combined jamming device off. And as for a supervisor, it will look like you've left the CDMA coverage area, and the connection was lost. We also have to warn you that if your mobile phone is using CDMA, it will be unfortunately disabled too. 

Thanks for your question. I hope I've managed to help!

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