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Can I use some device to spoof cell towers?

Hello! I attended that rule enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, using an appliance that spoofs towers for mobile networks. Foremost, I'd like to understand your view on whether it is correct, and if it is yes, do you comprehend something about it, how that operates, and how that lets you chase the spot of telephone users?

Hello, Joff!

We at Jammer-Store heard about that appliance from the news, which caught our attention. That device is accurate, and law enforcement in Arizona has used the device. Now they try to make the information gathered with its work as evidence in court. There is unchecked information that the device works with Verizon. At least, the guy they have used it against was using a Verison Air SIM card. And that is not the first time Verizon has faced privacy issues

Now a couple of words about the device's functions and principles of work. First, we should mention that it uses the same technique as cell tower triangulation. The only difference here is that the device tricks cell phones into that it is a cell tower, and all the mobile phones in the area connect to it instead of the actual cell tower. 

All the calls made are rerouted to the actual base station, so the victim doesn't even know about tracking. There is nothing unusual with the phone. The benefit of that device is that it can log all the traffic of the targeted smartphone, including location data. And it's accuracy is significantly higher than the results that could be obtained from a cell tower fixed location. But everything is not as wrong as it seems. There is a decent way to protect yourself from those cell tower spoofing devices. It is a simple GSM signal jammer. It will cut all the connections of your smartphone and keep you transparent!

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