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Is that true that the US government has recently asked major companies to share user's data?

Hi there, I'm really worried with the fact of growing spying ambitions of my government and that's why I'd like to know, are those news about their enquiry to Microsoft, Google and other media giants to get user's information, such as passwords and logins? What do you know about that?

CNet were first to publish that article and we at Jammer-Store may tell that it may be true. The problem here is that those major companies have refused to make any comments on the the situation, but as you've mentioned – spying ambitions of the US grow, so such occasion could happen. Also, the fact that companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google refused to clear the situation and tell what actually happened.

Also, you should know that media giants tend to sell user's data, but it has never reached login details. On the other hand, most of the logins are user's emails and that's the only ingredient necessary for their new XKeyscore project. Snowden has published some info on it and he mentioned that user's email is everything they need to spy on his activity on the Internet.

But there are a couple of ways how to avoid that data collecting. First of all – avoid using your personal email, where you store your commercial or private information for signing up on various websites. Even the most modest websites are gathering personal information. Then keep and eye at your smartphone connections. Turn of Wi-Fi, when it is no necessary, because malicious apps may use it and get a Wi-Fi signal blocker, if you'd like to be 100% sure that everything will be fine.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help.

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