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Is it true that police now can track your cell phone without a warrant?

Hello, I'm really concerned with that problem, I know that they (the police) are to obtain a special warrant to perform GPS tracking, the warrant is necessary to set a tracking device. But what's about tracking a cell phone? Is it possible to track it and how to hide? Many thanks in advance!

Hello, Will!

We've made a small research on your problem and first of all we have to say that cell phones can be tracked. It doesn't matter if you have a modern smartphone, or a an old mobile phone. To be honest, an old phone is much more safe than a new smartphone, because all modern portable gadgets have specific vulnerabilities and security gaps, and may compromise your private data. 

Now, a couple of words about the tracking itself. Literary, police can not track your real time location, to use cell tower triangulation they are to get a warrant. But Supreme Court has recently stated that warrant is not necessary, to get the triangulation data, stored at your carrier's servers, because they don't actually spy on you, all the data is gathered automatically.

Warantless tracking was a target of US law enforcements for a pretty long time and smartphone tracking via base station triangulation is the best option here. But also, there are a couple of ways to avoid that tracking. First of all you should know how that works. Your phone maintains connection with at least 3 GSM stations at a time. While their location is fixed, your raw location between three of them is calculated. The only way to prevent that is to use a portable GSM signal blocker, which will disable a cell phone and block tracking!

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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