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Is it real that Skype may be eavesdropped?

Hello, I've heard recently that there are lots of special software, that may steal the data you send via Skype. They work as trojan apps and you can infect your PC, laptop, smartphone or even tablet over the internet. Is it true and if it is yes, how can I stop it?

Hello, Patrick!

Employees of the Jammer Store can say that such wiretapping is entirely accurate. At the same time, Skype remains one of the most accessible and affordable ways to communicate. Many people often start sending compassionate data via Skype and have tough conversations because they think about security, but it should be understood that this is far from the case.

To begin with, you need to understand that Microsoft can check the user's confidential information using unique algorithms. You can read more details here by reading the online privacy blog. Many programs can intercept signals on Skype. You should use antivirus programs and also avoid visiting suspicious resources. Also, only official programs should be used. Carefully check all permissions of programs before installing them. You should not use wireless access points.

Also, you should understand that Wi-Fi can be quite vulnerable. Your traffic can be intercepted and read. You can use the option to mute mobile data when using the Skype app. In this case, your data will not be able to receive outsiders.

Thanks for your question. We hope we have helped you.

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