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Can I somehow track my location if I turned on the GPS signal jammer?

Hello! A friend advised me to go to this site, as I ran into signal jamming problems. I recently noticed a GPS tracker attached to my car, but I have a jammer. So, is it conceivable to track my place if the jammer is working? Thank you very much for your answer!

We are delighted that the Jammer Store team is so popular. Of course, we will assist you in cracking the problem. To begin with, we want to explain that GPS searching people is illegal, so whoever installed the tracker on your car can be held liable. We have worked a little with the issues of the illicit tracking of people by GPS. Some methods can be used for location tracking and signaling.

As a rule, location can be tracked using a variety of mechanisms other than GPS. For example, there is GLONASS technology. The bottom line is that additional methodologies and frequencies are used for location tracking. That is why a conventional GPS-blocking device cannot block GLONASS signals. Additionally, you can use the triangulation of the association. This method is used to jam signals between base stations of mobile networks.

As you can see, there are various tracking options other than using GPS. There are several ways to protect yourself. For example, you can use generic jammers that block all signals from following your area. Also, you should monitor your car from time to time to detect the tracking device. We expect we were able to assist you!

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