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Is there a technology for wiretapping VoIP calls?

Hello! I often use VoIP technology to make calls for work, so the confidentiality of the information received is essential to me. Now I learned that such calls can be easily intercepted and listened to. I need an answer. How can I ensure my safety? Can someone listen in on conversations between my work partners and me? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hey Stan!

VoIP technology has many features. With it, you can send various multimedia data packets connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is easy to intercept VoIP packets during a call. The data is encrypted, but there are several ways to decrypt it. For example, public and free keys can quickly get to intruders. That is why nobody's data on the Internet can be 100% protected. Another option is secure encryption algorithms, which are developed by special companies. They are presented for a fee but provide a high level of security for confidential data. This is far from the best solution since such encryption options can be easily hacked.

It should be noted that it may not be easy to intercept such an encrypted voice data packet over the Internet. To do this, use more straightforward methods of wiretapping. For example, to obtain data about a completed VoIP call, you can easily hack the device, which stores the collected data packets. That is why the main danger lies in the operation of the equipment itself.

To ensure security, it is best to use modern programs - antiviruses. For work on wireless networks, such a solution will not be enough. You should use all available means to protect against hacker attacks. For example, you can use a special compact Wi-Fi jammer to protect your device and conversations from being hacked. We hope we answered your question and were able to help!

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