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Can Ingress be used to spoof a cell phone?

Hi all! I would like to understand if it is possible to use the blocker somehow to block the signals during the game. Of course, I'm not a cheater, but I still wonder what will happen.

Hi there, Phill!

Ingress is a GPS-based game from Google Inc. All you need to play — is a mobile phone with a camera and GPS module, a mobile Internet connection is also required. That's an augmented reality game, so you will have to interact with the objects of the real world. The game itself is fully described in the blog post I've linked above. We do not encourage cheating, but in a matter of fact, some of our portable devices can be helpful in that case.

Let's take a closer look at such equipment. If you use such equipment near Ingress players, then there is a chance of blocking the signals. In this case, the device will not be able to process the incoming signals. In this case, no one will be able to detect your presence.

You can also use a special jammer that has a certain effect. Such equipment is able to work at different levels. You can easily use the universal mobile jammer to block all signals while playing. In this case, no one will be able to detect you..

Thanks for your question, I hope I've managed to help.

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