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Is there any way to block the wireless mouse signal?

Hi all! I wonder if it is possible to use special devices somehow to block wireless mice. At work, almost everyone uses such devices. It is exciting to look at the faces of the employees when all the equipment is turned off. Could it be somehow dangerous? Will I take responsibility for this? It's exciting to know the answer.

Hey Almeko!

I want to say that a unique Bluetooth signal with low frequencies is used to control wireless mice. It is quite possible to block them with the help of external devices. In the office, you can easily use compact Bluetooth signal jammers. This equipment is ideal. It can be used almost anywhere, regardless of location. The radius of action at the same time covers enough space.

Jammer Store specialists want to warn you that you can accidentally block Wi-Fi signals using such equipment. This also applies to other devices that work on the Bluetooth interface, which you should consider. That is why you should be as careful as possible. WiFi networks are also quite dangerous and vulnerable to such attacks.

Your idea is not bad enough, but you are responsible for all possible consequences. You may encounter many troubles in dealing with other employees. You should also understand how wireless mechanisms work during hacker attacks. A jammer might be a good solution, but using the equipment is entirely your responsibility. We hope we were able to help you.

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