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Is it possible to block a Bluetooth mouse with a signal jammer?

Hello, guys! I wonder, if it is possible to use a Bluetooth jammer for blocking wireless mouses? My whole office uses those and I'd like to have some fun looking at their faces, when all the mouses are disabled. Is it possible and how dangerous it can be? I mean will I disrupt something really important? Many thanks in advance!

Hello, Almeko!

First of all, we can tell you that it is pretty possible, all those wireless mouses use low-range Bluetooth connections for data transmitting and it is possible to block them. As long as you will need to get the jamming device to an office, it should be small and portable, that's why this tiny Bluetooth blocker will fit that best. It can be used without getting everyone's attention and it is powered with a battery. That device will work in 5 meters (15 feet) radius.

But we at Jammer-Store have to warn you that Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz frequency, the same as Wi-Fi. So if you will try to block Bluetooth, wireless networks will be disrupted as well. The same goes for any kind of web cameras, Bluetooth speakers and other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based equipment. So be careful! But as long as Wi-Fi networks are rather vulnerableit is unlikely that one will be used in an office. 

So, your idea for pranks might work, you are free to try, but it is totally your's responsibility and you will face your angry coworkers. Also, that device will sometime save your smartphone form Bluesnarfing, which is now really popular among wireless hackers. So, maybe you'll find that signal jamming device useful not only for pranks and fun.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help.

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