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Is there any way to protect individual information from XKeyscore?

Hi all! I later learned about XKeyscore. It turns out that this task uses some tools to collect and track individual data and activity on the Internet. Can anything be done to hide personal information? Maybe somehow you can block the browser? Thanks for your reply.

Jammer Store specialists are already actively studying the XKeyscore project. We will help you solve the problem. To begin with, it should be understood that this project's details are not yet very well known. It is still challenging to find ways to protect against tracking completely.

Now let's try to figure out how the tracking tool works. With it, you can track various data on the Internet and view the history of visiting sites, correspondence, and much more. Also, this tool saves all notifications from social webs, which is dangerous for active users. You should protect yourself from danger since social networks give out most of your data. Analytics can be collected even without the user's participation up to his email address. Creating an anonymous mail address is recommended to protect yourself from third-party interference.

Another problem is that the use of mobile traffic should be minimized. Modern phones are highly powerless to the collection of personal data. A mobile net will pass via the device, which increases the chances of wiretapping. It is best to use a special jammer, which has universal properties. Then you won't have any problems. We will also try to cover this issue in more detail in the security blog. Thanks for your question!

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