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How to block long-range RFID in driver's license?

Hi there! I suppose you've already heard about the fact that our government wants to equip our driver's licenses with long-range RFID chips. Luckily, that idea was dropped in California, but who knows, may be they will try to do that again in future. I believe that those chips will be used to spy on us, I just don't see any other reason to implant them, NSA would use them for sure. So, I'd like to know is there a way to block long-range RFID and how to do that?

We've heard about that idea and will try to help you in a best way we can. First of all we agree that those RFIDs will be used for spying on people, as long as driver's license is the most preferred way of identification in US, that RFID tag will contain lots of private data. And we still remember about the spying activity of NSA, so they won't actually be able to stop using that information. Also, all those tags will be synced into one huge network, so they will be able to find out where any person is in seconds.

There are a couple of different frequencies, that may be used for RFID, but most of them work in a very short range: from 1 cm to 12 meters. But there is one standard that we at Jammer-Store think will be used for sure. It may transmit data up to 100 meters (320 feet). So it is the best option for those chips. It uses 433 MHz freqeuncy and you may block it with our universal portable UHF/VHF signal jammer

The device is portable so you will be able to keep it with you and use in your car. It also has a car lighter adapter, so you won't have to worry about the battery. But we should warn you, the same frequencies are widely used by car alarms, so you may probably disable some of remote controls with this device.

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