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How to block cell phone tracking?

Hi guys! I have a feeling that my cell phone is being tracked. So I want to make sure that it is not tracked. How can I do that? Can I block the tracking?

Hello Barry!

It is quite possible that your mobile phone is being tracked by modern tracking technologies. There are few of them so it may be required to use different measures to protect yourself from such tracking.

There might be a simple GPS tracking, which tracks location of your cell phone by its GPS data. In that case you need to use GPS tracking jammer and your location data will be safe.

The second case is when there is a complex tracking involved. It uses combined GSM/GPS tracking system, where GPS part collects your info, and GSM part transmits it to the people who tracks you. In that case you need to use GSM/GPS jammer to be totally sure that your mobile phone is protected from tracking.

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