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Is there any way I can protect my security from being tracked by government drones?

Hello! Recently I read news about modern drones. I would like to know if it is possible to avoid somehow tracking them or turning off the signal. Will it be illegal if I try to block the calls? Thanks in advance for your reply! I hope you can help me!

Hey Samuel!

We are also very interested in this issue. That is why the Jammer Store team researched to find a possible solution. First, you must understand the equipment used to avoid tracking effectively. For example, you can read about drones that follow armed individuals.

Triangulation is usually used to achieve the optimum level of accuracy. With it, you can track the signals of any modern equipment, regardless of its purpose. The distance between the base stations is calculated individually, allowing you to set the signal strength. In this case, special tools can be used to hide the triangulation and tracking of the device.

When blocked, the drone becomes unable to track a specific mobile phone. To do this, turn off and turn on your device. You may also need powerful hardware. For example, a military jammer is characterized by high efficiency and reliability in data transmission. With this equipment, you can easily block and jam all signals, regardless of individual tasks. We hope we were able to help you.

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